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Looking for impeccable transcription services in India? Look no further than The Language Bureau (TLB). As a leading global company, TLB specializes in delivering high-quality transcription services in over 200 languages. Our team of expert linguists and transcriptionists ensures accurate and precise transcriptions to meet your unique linguistic requirements.

Tailored transcription Solutions for Diverse Industries

TLB’s transcription services cater to various industries, including Financial, E-Learning, IT, Legal, Marketing, Medical, Technical, Gaming, and more. With ISO certifications (ISO 9001:2015, ISO 17100:2015 & ISO/IEC 27001:2013), we guarantee the highest standards of quality and confidentiality.

Industry-Tailored Transcription Excellence

From boardroom discussions to legal proceedings, TLB provides transcription services tailored to your specific industry requirements. Our trained transcriptionists capture every nuance of audio, delivering accurate and reliable transcripts.

How Do We Execute a Transcription Project?

Executing a transcription project demands precision and expertise. Drawing from our extensive experience, we’ve refined a seamless process for flawless transcription execution.

Step 1: Project Assessment

Initiating the process involves analyzing the audio files thoroughly to gauge the project’s complexity and requirements.

Step 2: Project Planning

Once we comprehend the project scope, we meticulously plan its execution, considering delivery deadlines and finalizing timelines accordingly.

Step 3: Project Execution

With delivery timelines confirmed, the project is delegated to skilled transcriptionists for execution. Our dedicated project managers oversee the process to ensure timely completion.

Step 4: Quality Check

We implement a rigorous quality check process to guarantee accuracy and reliability. The transcripts undergo multiple rounds of review by our expert team to ensure adherence to standards.

Step 5: Transcript Delivery

Upon completion, the Transcript, accompanied by a certification of accuracy, are delivered to our clients. Additionally, we offer a satisfaction guarantee, allowing clients to request up to two rounds of revisions if needed, ensuring utmost satisfaction.

High-Quality Services

At The Language Bureau, we prioritize excellence in Transcription services over operational efficiency, ensuring accurate and consistent results at an affordable rate.

Expert Professionals

The personal touch embedded within our Transcription company sets us apart and fosters enduring relationships. Our clients highly value our customer service. Continuously catering to the diverse needs of various industries, we consistently deliver exceptional language solutions with an unwavering commitment to quality.

Swift Turnaround

We redefine speed at The Language Bureau; while other services may boast rapidity, our turnaround times remain unparalleled. Depending on the complexity of the order, we produce unrivaled outcomes, setting us apart from other translation agencies.

Why Choose TLB as your Transcription Partner?

Executing a Transcription project can become very tricky. But we have learnt from our years of experience, and have developed a step-wise flawless Transcription execution process.

Utmost Security

At The Language Bureau, safeguarding sensitive company data and private individual information is our top priority. Rest assured, your data is secure with us, as we go above and beyond to ensure it remains accessible only to authorized individuals.

Optimal Value and Cost-Effective Pricing

Our emphasis on affordability is reflected in our clear per-word fee, significantly lower than that of conventional agencies. This enables you to expand your business into new territories and connect with more clients while maintaining competitive pricing.

Translating Content For All Domains & Industries

While the concept of Transcription is universal, Transcripting content for specific domains and industries demands expertise and prior knowledge in those fields. The Language Bureau has streamlined its onboarding process to ensure that our linguists around the world possess the necessary skills and experience for each requirement.

Financial Transcription

Unlock global opportunities with precise financial translations tailored to your industry needs.

E-Learning Transcription

Bridge language barriers seamlessly with expert e-learning translations for impactful global education.

IT Transcription

Ensure smooth digital communication across borders with precise IT translations for tech-driven solutions.

Legal Transcription

Safeguard legal integrity worldwide with accurate legal translations crafted by industry-specialized linguists.

Gaming Transcription

Elevate gaming experiences globally with culturally relevant translations that resonate with players.

Technical Transcription

Drive innovation forward with meticulously crafted technical translations for complex industries.

Medical Transcription

 Enhance healthcare accessibility worldwide with precise medical translations by industry experts.

Marketing Transcription

Expand your brand’s reach with captivating marketing translations that resonate with diverse audiences.

Additional Translation Services That We Offer

The Language Bureau (TLB) also offers these translation services to our Clients worldwide.

MTPE Transcription

Clinical Transcription

Life Sciences Transcription

ICF Transcription

Banking Transcription

Insurance Transcription

Web Series Transcription

eCommerce Transcription

Youtube Transcription

Book Transcription

Website Transcription

Youtube Transcription

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